The journalism between the printed paper and mobile.


The term journalism is believed to be of French origin and derived from the word for “day” (“jour”). The concept of journalism means the production and the dissemination of information that satisfy public interests. In the past, information used to be disseminated by letters and people moving from place to place such as singers, businessmen, and travellers. They travel across the world attending different events and talk about their experience. The need for information grew as the time passes due to many reasons such as the increase in population, trade exchange and so on.

It is said that Europe is the birthplace of journalism. The invention of the printing press in the 15-century was the beginning of the modern media in Europe. The shape of journalism has changed over the time from free issues to the age of the commercialization. The printed weekly newspaper was first appeared in Basel by 1610, in Frankfort and Vienna by 1615, in Hamburg by 1616, in Berlin by 1617 and in Amsterdam by 1618. The first newspaper printed in England appeared in 1621. It was so difficult to find news that could fill these weekly versions. So, many publishers failed to meet this demanding schedule, and their newspapers appeared late. In the century 18, the freedom of press and the trust of government led to the growing demand for newspapers to rise from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands and eventually to the millions. However, the revolution of the printed newspapers was hindered by the Internet age. Newspaper companies were losing advertisers, readers, market value, and, in some cases, their sense of mission at a pace that would have been barely imaginable just few years ago.

Publishers have tried to rescue the printed newspaper but they couldn’t, and instead they have created Web sites that benefit from the growth of online advertising, but the sums are not nearly enough to replace the loss in revenue from circulation and print ads.

Philip Meyer, in his book “The Vanishing Newspaper” (2004), predicts that the final copy of the final newspaper will appear on somebody’s doorstep one day in 2043

Now, the smart phones has played important role in killing the newspaper as the user can read many newspaper and magazine using his own mobile for free. Web3 is coming and i wonder if the printed newspapers will be totally ended the online newspaper will be in charge for owning information and selling it.

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