The different shapes of economy and publishing

The concept of publishing in the modern time depends on three important inventions including writing, paper and printing. The rapid development of technology and the industrial revolution has a major influence on publishing moving from the first steam powered presses printer (Figure 1) in the 19th century to the advanced printing technology in the current days. The development of documents took at least 50 million years for society to transform from spoken languages to writing, about 5000 years from writing to printing, 500 years of printing to the development of sight-sound media such as television, radio and photography, and then about 50 years from the sight-sound media to the age of computer. More recently, the continuity of the development of computing and networking technologies has expanded the document’s boundaries and improve the library services.


Fig.1 the first steam powered presses

The evolution of publishing was due to the development of the society, which is believed to be the driving force for the knowledge economy. The idea of knowledge economy was defined first by Drucker’s (1969) as the role of the ‘knowledge worker’ in manufacturing industries to develop new products and services. Most of the developed countries have moved from the traditional economy to other forms of economy such as knowledge economy, creative economy and sharing economy. Share economy can be defined as a socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations. The information society like many other aspects have been influenced by the different shapes of economy, for example, the information can be shared and used by people and organizations as the Internet and mobile technology can facilitate the information exchanges between them. Publishing first was about books, however, a variety of publishing forms have been developed such as online articles and books. The web 3 is coming and I’m wondering about its influence on publishing.

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