My experience with DITA

This is my first experience with blogging (thanks DITA), which has given me a great opportunity to explore this world and improve my blog skills. My blog host is, It is a free blog site and contains many free templates. These templates can be customized and modified in many ways, including selecting the background color, font style, theme and other various features. In the beginning, I found it a bit difficult to shape my blog site and use all the features, however, with the time and some help from the tutor I could produce my lovely site. My blog topics mainly are focused on DITA. I discussed different aspects in related to DITA, and also I include a description of the exercises taken throughout the course. Blogging allow me to interact with my course mates to share and discuss ideas and knowledge. I loved my blog site and now blogging is my passion and I will keep blogging on scientific subjects.

The information technology is one of the most important subjects in my country, and it was recommended by the head of library and information department in University of Princesses Norah ben Abdurrahman to study it. I think this subject is a great start for the PhD study. The course gives insight into the technical background required to store, structure, manage and share information in our society and how we engage tactically with information and knowledge in organizations. In order to achieve this, we studied different topics and learnt many applications to treat this information. Topics include: introduction to computing, internet and web, database systems and searching, Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikis, etc.), semantic web, information architecture. We started this course with obtaining general background about the information architecture and the revolution in computing and the Internet. We have learnt about the information retrieval and the difference between the structured data and the unstructured information retrieval. The concept web service and how to create an application and embedding Content is one of the interesting areas in this course. We applied this concept to create an application to tap into Twitters’ API and also to obtain some achieving tweets. In addition, we learnt about the Altimetric, which is one of the methods to measure the impact of the published articles. Also, we studied how to analyse data and texts in order to summarize them into useful information. We used different textual tools such as Wordle, Many Eyes and Voyant Tools to analyse different type of texts.

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