Are we ready for Web3?

Over the past years, substantial effort has been carried out to develop web services and languages used to structure websites and to described data. The development in these areas has made the access and the presentation of information much easier and sophisticated. When we look at web1, which was for read only, this old version doesn’t allow developer to get access to the systems of service providers. Web2 on the other hand, is the upgrade version of web1, in which developer have more chances to access and combine services from different service providers. Web 2.0 tools are seen to have tremendous potential for both individuals and business. These tools help the users to be in touch with the whole world easily and share information within seconds. They also help in business in a way by providing easy access to the websites and faster transactions.

The best example of web2 is the social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and their application on the mobile phone. The development in web services is the driving force for the revolution in the social software to create new forms of social networks and communities. The explosive growth of social media usage and the movement of a variety of services towards social media suggest that society has become “comfortable” engaging in these activities. These phenomena have created a need for new software mechanisms, which is reflected by the exponential growth of the market of social applications. Accordingly it is wise and fair to exploit the social media tools available in order to create bespoke platforms customized to satisfy specific needs and objectives.

The question now, are we ready to web3, where data formats, protocol and software platform are open for developer to not just read or write, but either to create a new tools. The better understanding of web2 would help us to understand the technology of web3.

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